What is Roll Pack Mattress

Brn Roll-Pack mattresses are specially designed mattresses that have been rolled up and compressed down. Ally type of foam and pocket spring mattresses with vairous filling materials can be roll packed.

These mattresses are packaged and protected to high standards so that there is no lasting damage to the mattress as it makes the journey even to the end customers home.

Brn Roll Pack Mattresses are usually compressed down to % 80 of their original size, making it very convenient and easily delivered to warehouse and from warehouse to end customers home than a ‘standard’ mattress.

Once it is delivered, customers can simply remove the packaging and roll out the mattress allowing it to slowly expand back to its original size.

Brn Roll packing process will not cause any damage to the mattress. In fact, because of the vacuum packaging process, it will remain fresh and untouched until the day it is unwraped.

The recommended time for letting roll pack mattress air out is 2 hours this will ensure the mattress is fully aired out. Over a period of 2 hours it will gradually expand to its usual shape

Benefits of Roll Pack Mattress

Easy Transport and Storage

There is no struggle delivering the mattress and certainly no struggle fitting it to anywhere. It is suitable for one person to handle and carry. Low costs for courier shipments and easy shipment from shop sales.

Environmentally Friendly

Roll Pack mattresses are also an environmentally friendly way to deliver mattresses. The compressed nature of the mattress means that the product uses less packaging. They can also reduce the amount of time that a delivery vehicle is on the road, as more of these mattresses can fit into a delivery vehicle at the same time.

Easy Fixing

Roll Pack mattresses are easy to set up. They are quick and easy to take home at the same day for customers. Roll Pack mattresses can simply fit in cars as they are packed much smaller than non-roll packed mattresses.

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