Top Quality Mattresses Under Your Label

We have been active in various segments of the Mattress industry for many years. We design all our Mattresses, either ourselves or in cooperation with our clients. 

For all our products, we maintain ample stock. But we don’t stop there. We also have a full-service marketing department and provide comprehensive customer service.

Our products, our experience, our expertise and our departments are at your service.

Our Mattress, Your Private Label

For many years, we’ve been supplying our Beds and Mattresses under private label to leading Mattress brand names and furniture & Mattress chain stores.

More recently, we have started selling our products directly to individual furniture shops and sleeping system specialists.

We have a professional, full-service marketing and sales department with specialists in styling, product photography and design.

We do everything possible to help you develop your own successfuly needs of your brand.

How We Can Help You

BRN Sleep Products is a well-established, full-service Manufacturer & Suplier to the Mattress Industry.

We produce, market and distribute sleeping systems, box springs and mattresses. While we offer a standard range of mass-produced designs, we also design and manufacture exclusive collections % 100 hand made mattresses to our clients’ exact specifications.

Your Brand Your Strategy

We develop your own exclusives for your brand. Your label will be on the product.

The brochures, photographs, point of sale materials, foot mats, posters, video commercials and advertisements will all carry your imprint.

Working closely together with you, we can ensure your private label mattresses

Your Own Brand, With Our Support

Our departments can also provide support for your activities. We can help you develop a product line that is distinctive in character and market positioning.

This means that you order products from us and we brand them with your own brand name.

You Sell The Mattress, We Do The Rest

You benefit from the scale and efficiency of our operations.
You can build your own brand, Mattress at time.
Depending on the volume, We can also support you in the following ways:
Stocking the products (security stoks)
Delivering the products to your warehouse or customers shops

Single Point Of Contact

We process more than 10.000 container & truck shipments per year using an automated ordering process and barcode scanning system.
Last year 99.8% of our shipments were delivered on time with no picking errors or defects. Rest assured that if anything does go wrong, we offer a free-of-charge return policy.

You will be appointed your (personal) account manager who will be your point of contact and will always have up-to-date knowledge of your business and what is important to you.

Our sales team will help with any questions you have about our products, orders or deliveries. All our employees speak English and are available via telephone, chat and e-mail.

Private Label & Roll Pack Mattress