BRN Sleep Products

Founded by female entrepreneur in 2001, BRN Sleep Products has grown to become one of the world’s leading Private Label Mattress in a Box manufacturer. With its immense productio
n capacity; BRN serves its customers with Mattress in Box Hybrid, all Foam and Innerspring mattresses.

At BRN we offer; rolled mattress, fold`n roll mattress and compressed mattresses all of them with full recovery guaranteed. In addition to our Mattress in Box lines we also offer handmade specialty mattresses with our ROYAL COIL line.

Partnering the with leading foam and ticking suppliers, BRN is an 80% vertically integrated factory with its quilting plant, spring plant, mattress production plant and roll pack divisions.

BRN under 100.000 sqm covered in its facilities in Turkey, USA and Europe can daily produce more than 15.000 mattresses. All of customized to your needs.

BRN’s Private Label Program supports your brand with consistent quality and ever innovative solutions.

At BRN we use quality materials that are CERTIPUR,OEKO-TEX, USDA ORGANIC certified.

Private Label & Roll Pack Mattress